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If you have been experiencing symptoms over more than a 6 month period such as:

  • Constant worry and found it hard to stop worrying,
  • found that your anxiety made it difficult to enjoy daily activities,
  • felt restless or on edge,
  • felt easily tired,
  • had difficulty concentrating,
  • felt irritable,
  • had muscle pain,
  • had trouble sleeping.

Or if you have had over a 10 minute period experienced symptoms such as:

  • sweaty, shaky, increased heart rate,
  • shortness of breath,
  • scared about going crazy or dying,
  • hot or cold flushes.

Or if you’ve noticed yourself having repetitive thoughts that are not related to real life problems such as:

  • someone close to you being injured or harmed,
  • doing the same activity repeatedly in a very ordered, precise and similar way each time,
  • constantly washing your hands or clothes or showering or brushing your teeth,
  • constantly rearranging or tidying things,
  • constantly checking that windows and doors are locked and that appliances are turned off,
  • recognised that these thoughts, feelings or behaviours were unreasonable and interfered with your daily life.

Then Counselling may assist you in overcoming these symptoms and enjoying life again.